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    Academic Partnership with Ainshams University

    According to the official contract of full academic partnership with Ainshams University an Academix for Educational services signed between Dr/Hussein Eissa More....

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    Clinical Pharmacotherapy

    Is the area of pharmacy that is responsible for insuring the safe, appropriate and economical use of drugs in patient care.

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    Health care Quality specialist is highly required in different health care settings to improve the quality of health care and promote evidence-based decision making.

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    Infection Control

    Infection control is the discipline concerned with preventing nosocomial or healthcare-associated infection, a practical (rather than academic) sub-discipline of epidemiology.

Welcome Dear Visitor in Academix

We are an Egyptian Training company based in El-Mohandseen in Cairo. We are a world class center of excellence offering courses in both English and Arabic. Our client base includes organisations and private learners from all over Egypt and the Arab world. This includes large organisations and government departments.


We are committed to the highest professional standards of quality, operational excellence and integrity.

Experienced & Talented Instructors

We rely on full-time, multi-lingual instructors who have academic work experience coupled with in-depth knowledge in their proposed fields.

Market Monitoring

We do this by fostering partnerships with our clients through market-driven and tailored solutions and superior service.

Highest Technology

We use the latest and most effective technology in our pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement and we embrace new learning tools for ever-improving results.

International Certificates & Academic Partnership

Board of pharmacy specialities (BPS):

A well-known subdivision of American Pharmacist Association(APHA)

Certification board of infection control (CBIC):

The only certification body accredited from Joint Commission International (JCI)

Certified professional in Health Care Quality (CPHQ):

Internationally accredited American board speciality that helps all medical professionals to become a certified

Academic Partnership with Ainshams University:

According to the official contract of full academic partnership with Ainshams University an Academix for Educational services

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Why Academix

Our Mission

We design and deliver clinical training and skills development programmes using international standards of instructional design.  Our programmes have specific, measurable, scientific outcomes in line with our clients’ academic objectives and desired career bath.  We design and deliver our programmes in both Arabic and English Language and wherever Possible we use native or fully bilingual speakers so as to maximize understanding on both sides.

Our Vision

We are the premiere source of medical training for Egypt and surrounding areas.

Training Tools:

Academix makes use of a very broad range of techniques for improving performance and developing medical staff that goes beyond the simple provision of training programmes. We make a point of using not just the most modern techniques but also the most appropriate.