Vetrinary Pharmacy



Topics for Veterinary Pharmacy Workshop

1.Introduction (brief on physiological parameters in animals)

  • Large animals
  • Pets
  • Poultry.

2.Veterinary medicines

  • Common drugs
  • Human drugs used for animals
  • Critical care

3.Drug residues and environment-potential hazards

  • Antimicrobial drug resistance
  • Other medications

4.Veterinary vaccines

  • Vaccine protocols for different animals

5.Veterinary toxicology

  • Emergency cases
  • General antidots
  • Human medications poisonous to animals

6.Veterinary OTC

7.Zoonotic Diseases

  • Definition and examples
  • Mode of transmission
  • Who is at a higher risk?
  • Prevention

8.How to establish veterinary medicine section in your pharmacy