We at ACADEMIX have a new system in which we determine the priority of the courses that are Indian so that the priority of the most demanded course from the labor market ..... to ensure that the study with us will benefit the most.

During the 6 months we opened on our site you are proposing a course Anta need and interacted with us a large number of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and managers of health units and hospitals inside and outside Egypt The results of the interactions are very important and early on:

1. The highest demand for the medical sector, in general, was to combat infection and then health quality.

2. 80% of those who submitted or nominated the study of health quality requested or nominated the study of infection control

Accordingly and to meet the needs of the labor market we have 3 systems of study can choose one of them studying with us:

1. You can study the American Board program in the fight against infection only (price 4750 pounds for attendance - 5250 pounds for online - 990 dollars for non-Egyptians)

2. You can study the American Board program in health quality only. (Price 4300 LE for attendance - 4800 LE for online - $ 990 for non-Egyptians)

3. Or you can study the two programs with an intensive time plan over 6 months only and at a surprise price (LE 7250 for attendance - LE 8100 for online - $ 1580 for non-Egyptians) at a 20% discount from the price of the two courses.