Extemporaneous Compounding


Extemporaneous unit is responsible for compounding preparations of acceptable strength and quality to fill the pediatric drug doses shortage.

There is a need to fill the gap between the physician’s requirements and available drugs on the market for children, so it’s our role to fill this gap and provide safe and accurate dose of drugs.

The design of an ideal pediatric formulation needs to consider the following factors: (i) producing minimal impact on the lifestyle of the child, manifesting as adjusted dosage frequency and a palatable product, (ii) provision of individualized dosing or dose banding appropriate for effective therapy, (iii) convenient and reliable administration and (iv) robust production process at minimal cost.

Our role to innovate new formulations to prepare dosage form suitable to our pediatric patients with high quality and safety.

​​understand the extemporaneous prepartion concepts.
understand the differing calculations used in preparations.
select appropriate container in which to package the preparations.
prepare an appropriate label.
prepare solution and suspension from first principles.
prepare cream from first principles.
prepare gel,ointment and pastes.
prepare an unit dose capsules.
Prepare eye drops
Understand sterile area classes and sterile preparations techniques.