Pharmaceutical marketing program now available from academix. The program is designed according to the latest updates in the field of marketing, this update was monitored through our experts who analyzed the market for one year and reported the changes and updates in the strategies, tactics and the analysis plans. We are keeping our program continuously updated though similar studies...

Course Content:

✔ Fundamental marketing concepts
✔ Marketing in the 21st century
✔ Marketing management in recent years 
✔ Developing marketing strategies 
✔ Gathering Information and Scanning the Environment 
✔ Marketing Research and Forecasting Demand 
✔ Creating Customer Value Satisfaction, and Loyalty
✔ Market Segmentation & Targeting 
✔ Crafting Brand Positioning
✔ Product strategy 
✔ Competition strategy 
✔ Pricing Strategy 
✔ Distribution strategy 
✔ Marketing communication strategy 
✔ Translation strategy into promotional message 
✔ Budgeting 
✔ Action plan
✔ Control System
✔ Creating long term loyalty relationship
✔ Analyzing consumer market
✔ Analyzing the business market
✔ Identifying market segments &targets
✔ Creating brand equity
✔ Creating the brand positioning
✔ Competitive dynamics
✔ Shaping the market offering
✔ Designing &managing service
✔ Developing price strategies & programs
✔ Designing &managing integrated marketing
✔ Managing retailing, wholesaling & logistics
✔ Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) tools
✔ IMC planning process
✔ The communication process
✔ Creative strategy development
✔ Full understanding and analysis of IMS data
✔ GAP analysis