Course outline: 
• Understand the landscape of digital marketing (definitions, history, statistics, & future trends).
• Digital marketing Vs the traditional marketing.
• Understand the best channel to start your online presence
• Understand the e-commerce 
• Understand digital advertising including its standard sizes and pricing model.
• Understand the search engine marketing 
• Understand social media marketing including its definitions and history.
• Focus on understanding Facebook & Google marketing & its structure.
• Surfing social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram.advertising.
• Understand the power of the email marketing in customer relation and techniques
• Understand why the content is the king and the inbound marketing fundamentals.
 This course will get you prepared for Google Fundamentals exam + Facebook Core Certificate
 Course Content: 
1- Course Intro
2- Website creation for non-developers ( WordPress)
3- Search Engine Optimization
4- Content Marketing
5- Social Media Marketing
6- Facebook & Instagram Advertising
7- Google Adwords Advertising
8- Google Display Network Advertising
9- Email Marketing
10 - Quiz: Google Fundamentals preparation - Facebook Core certification Preparation
Instructor's Bio: 
Hassan Mohsen 

  • Digital Marketing Manager & Owner - WebbingStone Digital Marketing Agency

  • Digital Marketing Consultant at Coldwell Banker Egypt

  • Digital Marketing Trainer at HPA (Highly Professional Advisors)


  • SEO Content Writing Trainer - American University in Cairo (AUC) - Press

  • Digital Marketing Trainer at Masr Al Arabia Journal

  • Social Media Consultant at Egyptian Tourism Authority