Academix : hair and skin


Cosmetic science is a real science that includes basic knowledge and a wide range of information from a number of different scientific fields.

It is involved with developing, formulating, and producing cosmetics and personal care products.
lecture1 :

´FDA and FDC regulatory rules.

´Labeling of cosmetics product.

´Raw materials of cosmetics.

´Skin & skin products.

´Skin structure & function.

´Types of the skin.

´Most common skin disorders
lecture 2 :

´Classification of skin products

´1) Skin creams

´1.1. Types of skin creams.

´1.2. Formulation of skin creams.

´1.3. Evaluation tests for skin creams.

´2) Sunscreen & Suntan.

´Sun rays and SPF.

´Raw materials.

´Types of sunscreens.


´3) Skin powders.

´Loose powder.

´Compact powder.

´Two-ways foundation powder.

´Talk powder.

´Formulation of skin powder.

lecture 4 : 

´1) Skin whitening.

´2) Antiperspirant & Deodorant.

´3) Skin colorants.

´Definitions and characters.

´Types of skin colorants

´(Lipsticks, Lip gloss, and Rouge (Blusher).

´Lips dryness and treatment
´Skin whitening

´Hydroquinone, kojic acid, arbutine, ……..

´Blotchiness, blemishes, hyperpigmentation and treatment

´Eye Make-up products.

´Mascara & Eye-liner.

´Eye shadow & Eye-brow.

´Black circle (Black halos)

´Causes and treatment

´Moisturizers for eye area.


´Skin cleansers.

´Facial cleanser

´Bath and shower product.


´Acne products.

´Development of acne, and different types of acne

´Potential exacerbation factors.

´Symptoms and types.

´Topical treatment. (Benzyl peroxide, azalic, Salicylic, …….)

´Systemic treatment. (AB, Isotretinoin, Hormonal therapy, ….)

´Advanced treatment (Chemical peeling, coemdo removal, optical treatment and alternative methods

´Cosmetics for hair.

´Hair structure, function, cycle, and types.

´Hair problems (hair damage, thin hair, and heat damage).

´Hair products (Shampoo & conditioner).

´Types of shampoo (Normal, oily, dry, deep cleanser, everyday shampoo, baby shampoo)

´Dandruff, antidandruff shampoo

´Raw materials.

´Hair strengthener.

´Hair colorants (Henna & dye).

´Cosmetics for hair.

´Conditioner (nature, function, and composition)

´Types (Instant, deep, hair rinses, leave in conditioner)

´Hair colorants (Henna & dye).

´Natural hair dyes

´Ammonia free hair dyes

´Hair strengthener.

´Keratin and protein.


´Cosmetics for hair.

´Hair loss (causes, and facts)

´Genetic hair loss

´Hair loss prevention

´Anti hair loss products


´Accelerating hair growth products

´Vitamins for hair loss

´Cosmetics and herbal materials.

´History and safety.

´Herbal cosmetics and products.

´Advantages & disadvantages .

´Guidelines for using of herbal products.

´Storage conditions.

´Examples for herbals in markets.

´Herbal products for hair loss

´Hair removal techniques

´Temporary hair removal

´Hair Epilation

´Hair depilation

´Permeant hair removal techniques

1.Intense Pulse light IPL



´Skin aging and its management

´Change skin function and structure during aging process

´Intrinsic & Extrinsic aging. (Skin sagging, hydration loss, hyperpigmentation,..)

´How to control aging

1.Non-invasive procedures. (Laser, microdermabrasion, hormones, …….)

2.Topical antiaging. (Botanical extracts, Antioxidant, Peptides and proteins,  ….)

´Prevention of Antiaging

´Filler and Botox

´Dermal fillers

1.Hyaluronic acid (HA)

2.Calcium Hydroxyl apatite (CaHa)

3.Collagen based products

4.Polymethylmethacrylate (PAMAM)


6.Poly Lactic Acid (PLLA)

Different techniques